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I remember hearing weaklazyliar songs on Felicity. There were many good songs on the show, but these stood out to me.

It didn’t hurt that they were an indie band that used CDBaby to distribute their songs. It was just an easy sell, one CD among many, many ordered from there.

This wasn’t the song I actually wanted to share. Bright Yellow Bucket, the song in the Felicity sample, is one of my all-time favorites. I love how uplifting it is, with the simple drum entrance, and small variations in melody, and how it moves between harsher distorted guitars and softer tunes effortlessly.

I’m so happy that they had it on their webpage to download for free, and so sad that the website is not available anymore, and remnants can only be found on

I’m also happy that they’ve produced more than one good song, and I had a tough time choosing one to share…

It feels great to finally be paying tribute to the band, after being influenced by this album of theirs for this domain name (almost 10 years ago!), starting (but never finishing) multiple song-related projects, only to settle for this emotional roller-coaster of a ride that can only be called a “blog to reminisce my youth.” (I’m not that old though, I swear.)